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Flat Cabinet Design



Architectural solution for any shape, size or style of room, defining space without fixed structures.

Bridge type swing doors wardrobe Flat model in bilaminate Olmo LV. Lacquered shelves Vivid Ocra color for the semi-open side modules; on these we see upper elements with reduced width doors, to create a gap which allows the opening. At the center two sliding glass doors Fumè that separate the sleeping area from the living area.

Opening system with full height handle profile in black oxide aluminum. Inside the cabinet a clean and elegant line of accessories: short hanging module with led flat profile, suspended drawer cabinet with pull-out trousers hanger. Trousers hanger has fronts in bilaminate, lacquered inner tray and is built on soft-closing silent slides.

This library cabinet has a structure in bilaminate Olmo LV and lacquered shelves in Vivid Ocra color which creates a perfect lively effect. Its clean line is interrupted by shelves positioned at different heights.

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