Mk-tre | Arclinea — The Arclinea Collection
The concept of the Arclinea Collection is expressed through Design, Exclusive Manufacturing Processes and Transversality.
Luxury Kitchen Cabinets, Arclinea, luxury kitchen island, modular kitchen
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The Binova Collection

The company’s artisan past, inherited from the family tradition, and its constant search for quality in every detail, from the interior finishes to the raw materials, blend together perfectly in a kitchen space with simple, elegant forms. Aesthetics, which are always at the service of functionality, combine with technology leaving the right amount of space to the potential of innovation.

Modular configurations, laid against the wall or arranged as an island, are placed with grace and simplicity, returning the scene to the person who lives in it as the central focus. The space maintains a formal purity and intangible lightness where one can deftly move around amidst taste, flavours and the senses. Always an expression of spatial continuity, the kitchen environments contribute to a household organisation that seeks to maintain the order needed for the preparation of dishes, while compactness and solidity, the heart and spirit of Binova kitchen furnishings, allow rigorously elegant Italian design to emerge in a flowing, unexpected way, guaranteeing, overall, quality unaffected by the passing of time.

Binova has been engaged in the manufacture of kitchen environments since 1958, exploring the potential of wood and mechanics, aware of innovations and the opportunities presented by progress, but at the same time respectful of the value of experience and work over time. Kitchen environments that follow the evolution of daily life, resolving functional problems with new forms and reliable materials and with contemporary designs exclusive to Binova.

A cultural challenge, and also a technological one, resolved by complicated manufacturing processes with a bias towards new materials, thanks also to our research and development centre. Over the years Binova has been responsible for many important and groundbreaking inventions and patents.